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Why Choose Underdog Race Timing?

Underdog Race Timing is a full service Timing and Race Management company with the goal of creating ground -breaking and successful competitions throughout Upstate New York and New England. As its core service Underdog Race Timing offers the highest quality timing and results for all sports where racing is the focus. By signing Underdog Race Timing onto a race, the Race Director will be assured that they will receive the most accurate, complete, quickest timing and results available in the industry. Not only will the Race Director have the assurance that the timing will be handled by a reliable timing service, they also will have the knowledge that the race is being handled by someone who is seeking to make the race a truly exceptional event.

The primary mission of Underdog Race Timing is not merely to provide quick and accurate results; it is to make any race an exceptional and memorable experience. Professional timing and scoring is a contributing factor in this mission. Underdog Race Timing will strive to make events that people will be glad they took the day off for, drove the many hours, and sacrificed the time in preparation of a lasting experience, rather than just a race with a start and finish line. Secondary missions include benefits of charitable organizations by higher attendance at races, increased traffic to the business where the events take place, and the promoting and rewarding of healthy active lifestyles.

Why Chip Timing from Underdog Race Timing ?

  • Outstanding client first attitude - Underdog Race Timing is not just a contractor, but a partner looking to make your race a true success

  • Disposable chips make an event easier to manage and keeps cost low

  • No Mats - Less hazards, and time-able on surface even mud and snow

  • Live finish times on the Web and live announcing at races

  • Extremely accurate finish line

  • Flexibility to time races in ANY sport with a finish line

  • Timely Results production

Races we have timed:

2022 Whiteface Sky Races - United States Mountain Running National Championships

2015-Present New York State Mountain Bike Race Series

2019 International Children's Winter Games

2018-2019 Lake Placid NORAM Biathlon

2018 United States Canoe Association Nationals

2015-Present United States Collegiate Ski Nationals

2000-Present New York State Public High School Ski Championships

2017 International Airlines Ski Federation World Airline Games

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Why Us?

Services Offered by Underdog Race Timing:

  • RFID Chip Timing (Raceresult system)

  • Race result Active Chip timing for bike races, triathlon, and nordic.

  • FAT Fully Automatic FinishLynx timing camera

  • Hand Timing for smaller races

  • Race Registration

  • PA and Entertainment

  • Awards and Handouts Coordination

  • Overall Race Management

  • Staffing and Volunteers

We possess the capability to work with the following sports:

  • Road Races

  • Track and Field

  • Cross Country

  • Nordic Skiing

  • Alpine Skiing/Snowboard

  • Mud Runs

  • Cycling Mountain, Gravel, and Road

  • Canoe / Kayak

  • Stand Up Paddle Board

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